Getting Back to School

This is just a quick post to prove to myself that I can do a post in 15 minutes.  It’s my goal to be able to post more (or at all!), so I’m hoping if I can just set aside 15 minutes every once in a while, I can make something happen here.

I thought last summer was busy, but this summer was busier.  There was work all summer (WASC, 3 day summer bridge program, after school.)  I went to three conferences (ISTE, Visible Learning and California World Language Summer Seminar in Santa Barbara.)  My dog decided to go full on afraid of going outside.  It’s just been busy.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to for this next semester.

Pear Deck– I’m going full on Pear Deck with my college class.  I’m excited.  There’s some things that I will have to figure out.  Like my videos that I have auto play and auto stop won’t do that, but I think I’m smart enough I can figure out a way to make it work.  I am excited to use the Takeaways to have students do something with information they gained in class and I think mostly, with World Language, I’ll be collecting evidence of what they do in class.  I’m excited.

Explore the World with Google – I’ll be doing an hour and half Explore the World with Google mini-workshop for the Inland Empire Foreign Language Association on September 18.  It’s going to be soooooo fun!  You should come.

Family- While fixing my hair last week, I had a brainstorm idea for updating my family unit at the end of the semester.  I’m excited about changing that up.

That’s all.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and impactful 2018-2019!