A Quick Tour of Google Earth

Google Earth’s recent updates are just waiting for you and your students to explore!  Looking for something for them to do at the end of the semester? This short video will get you and your students started. Where can your students go today? You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

Time Saving Hacks with Google Form Quizzes

Google Forms is a quick and easy way to give an assessment, but it can be time consuming with all of the clicking necessary to make quizzes.  Here is a short video that will walk you through some time saving tips.  (Last week I actually wrote out a post with these directions, but decided on …

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Tips for Saving and Curating

Situation: You find the most absolutely beautiful, perfect image/text/cartoon/advertisement to go with your unit on [fill in the blank]. Now to save it so you can exploit it!  Don’t end up with a hot mess of saved images/texts/cartoons and advertisements.  Here’s some tips. Try to locate the original or the source with the best quality.  There’s …

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