Screenshot on a PC

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts below you can use Awesome Screenshot Extension for Chrome- This is exactly what it says-awesome.  It allows you to annotate images and add boxes.  Sometimes when I choose “selected area” it crops it funny, so I choose “visible part of the page” and do the cropping myself.  You can then save …

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Screenshot Ninja

Learn to be a screenshot Ninja! If you learn one skill this week it should be how to take a screenshot on whatever device you use.  This is one of the most versatile and simple tech tools you can use.  On any given day I will can take endless screenshots for all types of different …

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Tips for Saving and Curating

Situation: You find the most absolutely beautiful, perfect image/text/cartoon/advertisement to go with your unit on [fill in the blank]. Now to save it so you can exploit it!  Don’t end up with a hot mess of saved images/texts/cartoons and advertisements.  Here’s some tips. Try to locate the original or the source with the best quality.  There’s …

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