Bingo with Classroom Objects

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? I created an interactive slide deck for Bingo with the classroom objects. NB: In the textbook a bicycle and car are listed in the classroom objects section.  Who am I to judge?  There’s also an mp3 player and a CD player.  I just make fun of those.  …

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Higher Level Thinking with Novices

light bulb with a question mark inside

When I was doing my student teaching (in English) our methods teacher said something like, “The complexity of your language is a reflection of your complexity of thought.”  While I can get behind this statement for a native language, this isn’t true for a second language.  I mean, I’m entirely capable of complex thought, but …

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Quickly Make a Quizlet Diagram

Work smarter not harder Quizlet has a feature that they call “diagram.”  It’s pretty darn cool.  You upload a photo and then place dots on it and student identify the dots.  The implications for language learners to practice identifying vocabulary are clear.  Here I am using it not so much as a “diagram,” but as …

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Turning 17 seconds into 15 minutes

Using Video for Input A couple of weeks ago I happened across some absolutely adorable videos on YouTube that I wanted to use with my Novice Lows because the videos all started with a short introduction.  Video can be a powerful tool in the language classroom for communication.  Alternately, it can easily become background noise …

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5 Ways to Use Google Q and A

I love using Google’s Q and A feature to get students talking.  In a 1-1 classroom it’s an efficient way to ask a question and elicit a response from the entire class; or rather from each student.  Here’s five ways you can use Google Slides. Last week we were working on questions.  Students wrote questions …

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More Video in Google Slides

Google Slides is doing such a good job of wooing me right now. On Monday I posted about being able to add videos straight from your Drive.  I was so excited I didn’t even notice that if you click once it brings up a “video options” sidebar where you can: Start and stop a video at …

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Adding Video in Google Slides

Google announced a new feature and I am ecstatic.  You now can add videos directly from your Google Drive!  They don’t have to be on YouTube!!! (If you’re on a school Google account, this feature may not be available just yet depending on how your administrator has set up for rolling out new features.  Just …

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Fake Facebook Interactive Slide

I’m working on a workshop on reading strategies and thought I’d share my “Facebook” Google Slides page.  It’s in French.  Since I’m not on Facebook, I did a web search for what the French terms were. It’s two “pages” and the yellow boxes were meant to be where the students fill in. How can you …

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