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Quickly Make a Quizlet Diagram

Work smarter not harder Quizlet has a feature that they call “diagram.”  It’s pretty darn cool.  You upload a photo and then place dots on it and student identify the dots.  The implications for language learners to practice identifying vocabulary are clear.  Here I am using it not so much as a “diagram,” but as …

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Bingo! – Interactive Slide deck

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? This is a Google Slide deck for Bingo.  Share in Google Classroom as “Make a copy” and you can play infinite games infinitely.  Students drag the numbers into the grid and then when the teacher calls the number they can drag the dot onto the number. Bingo …

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Prepositions Slide deck

I love Google Slides because you can use it as a whiteboard and the whole class can participate.  (Read: never again spend hours copying, cutting and sorting only to have someone lose one card and not be able to fully participate.  Oh wait, students can’t lose these because they’ll be saved in the Google!) I …

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