Start Planning Your Sub Plans Now

Sub Plan Like a Ninja

Inspired by a friend who had to be absent the week before finals because her husband had to have emergency surgery, I put together my best sub plans advice. I am a sub plan master Ninja.  The last semester I taught, in an 18 week period, there were only two weeks I was there all …

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2016 Reflections

2016 Reflections

I should just call this semester reflections since I only teach semesters now.  The biggest “change” to my teaching this semester is how I graded my French 101 class.  First, I ditched the weekly lesson quiz.  Did I care?  Nope?  Did students care?  Heck no.  Do I think it had any impact on student achievement? …

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Technology Obstruction

Technology Fail

I didn’t have the intention of being a paperless class and I don’t believe that paperless is a goal within itself.  Nevertheless, last year, out of necessity, I became a mostly paperless class at the college because I had no easy access to a copier.  As it turned out last year I had it great …

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Back to School-First Day

Last week was the first day of my college class.  I used my basic: hour of boring syllabus + hour and half of French sequence, but this semester I made some big changes.  First, for the syllabus I ditched reading the syllabus (yes, I was guilty of doing that type of beginning of class), for …

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Why I’m not ready to ditch my textbook, yet.

This summer at ISTE I won a free copy of “Ditch that Textbook” by Matt Miller.  I’d heard about this movement of course, so I was interested in reading the book.  After much reflection I’ve decided that I’m not ready to ditch my textbook and here’s why: I want the extra resources.  I teach at …

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