The Great File Cabinet Purge Day 2

The Internet… Day two of the Great File Cabinet Purge began prematurely. I had planned on taking it slowly and doing a couple of drawers a week leading up to finals.  But then on I got an email from Google who kindly suggested I click on and explore something.  I thought I was going …

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The Great File Cabinet Purge – #edublogsclub

It is my goal that by the time I go on Christmas vacation I will have cleaned out my file cabinets. The catalyst for this purge is the fact that my file cabinets live in an after school room and because of where they are they create a little cubby area where students like to try …

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Favorite Tool #edublogsclub

I am so far behind in my #edublogsclub blogging that I’ve given up caring.  I’ve not given up blogging them, just given up caring that they weren’t blogged during the week assigned.   However,  I am determined to finish before the end of the year. My Favorite Tool By far, my most favorite tool right now is …

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