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Google Classroom Updates

Some big updates this month in Google Classroom including a view that shows all of an individual students’ work.  Whaaat?!  I know.  It’s exciting. Here’s a quick walk through. You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

#edublogsclub – Giving Feedback

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Fast Feedback My new guideline for myself is that I don’t give an assignment for feedback unless I know I can get to reviewing it by the next day.  Within two days max.  Weekend at the very, very latest. There’s several ways you can give feedback when you’re using Google Classroom.  You can use Goobric (and …

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Verb Battleship

I’ve played verb battleship for years and it was always a bit of a frustrating experience because it always took at least 20 minutes to set up the boards and explain how it worked.  I can’t even say why I kept doing it, except I guess I liked all the practice it gave using the négatif and I was …

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