Faster, No Math Required Feedback

I am on a quest this semester to make feedback as fast and effortless with the least amount of mathing.  I hate trying to math by myself.  Give me four numbers and unless they’re all 2, I’ll have a different answer each time I add them up.  It’s mind blowing how terrible I am.  I’ve …

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Data Validation Saves You Time

I’m always surprised how little teachers use Google Sheets (or Excel) because it has so many features that help make all the little tasks we need to do as teachers less time consuming. One of these is Data Validation. Data What? Data validation is a neat little feature that adds a drop down menu to …

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Creating Individual Peer Review Forms

A colleague asked me to help her come up with a way for students to do peer reviews of projects using Google Forms.  The results had to be viewable only by the teacher and the student and all students had to have access to the links to submit the peer reviews for every student in …

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Grade Short Answers in Google Forms

Grading has never been ____. Yesterday Google quietly announced a new Forms feature that allows you to grade by question and allows for streamlined short answer grading.  Now you can create short answer/fill in the blank questions and grade them in Forms itself.  You provide an answer key (currently case sensitive) and if the student …

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#edublogsclub – Assessment

Student Reflection with Google Sheets Ok- so I actually started this post in February.  February! What had happened was: My principal came to me last semester with a copy of John Hattie’s Visible Learning into Action and said that it was a book he wanted all of the instructional coaches to have.  I thought it was adorable …

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#edublogsclub – Giving Feedback

lightbulb on a chalkboard

Fast Feedback My new guideline for myself is that I don’t give an assignment for feedback unless I know I can get to reviewing it by the next day.  Within two days max.  Weekend at the very, very latest. There’s several ways you can give feedback when you’re using Google Classroom.  You can use Goobric (and …

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