The Great File Cabinet Purge – #edublogsclub

It is my goal that by the time I go on Christmas vacation I will have cleaned out my file cabinets. The catalyst for this purge is the fact that my file cabinets live in an after school room and because of where they are they create a little cubby area where students like to try …

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#edublogsclub Advice for New Teachers

In my myriad of roles at work, I get to work with new teachers often. When I saw this topic I thought what a great opportunity!  Here’s my best new teacher ideas. Plan.  As I work with more and more teachers I am absolutely astounded at the number of teachers who don’t have a thoughtful …

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#edublogsclub Professional Development Wishes

Great and Timely PD I’m straight off of two days of professional development for Instructional Coaches with Ann Hoffman.  She’s amazing and got me thinking about a ton of stuff which I’m not going to talk about right now because the ideas are just swirling too fast in my head to make any sense of …

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#edublogsclub Be the Expert

two storks

Mad Skills One of the prompts for this topic is “Tell a story about the most positive experience you’ve had as an expert in your subject matter.” I’m not going to tell any of the stories about my actual professional experiences that were positive, but more when I had an adjacent positive experience. In 2003-2004 I …

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#edublogsclub Digital Citizenship

computer with hands typinc

I’m way behind on my #edublogsclub posts because, well…summer.  So just like the pile of New Yorkers sitting on my coffee table, I’m going to have to skip a few in order to get caught up.  Further there were some topics that when I saw them I thought, “Huh, I got nuthin.” When this topic …

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Get Thee to a Conference

This year has been a whirlwind of conferences for me.  Normally, in a year I got to CLTA (California Language Teachers Association) and BOOST (Best Out Of School Time) and that’s it.  Apparently this year I was on a secret mission to earn the most conferences attended badge.  There was CETPA (technology), ACTFL (language), CLTA …

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Five Tools to Be More Productive

I’m trying to get caught up on all my #edublogsclub prompts and number 22 is sharing productivity tools.  Productivity is my favorite category in all the app stores!  Ironically, I’ve spent hours looking at apps and extensions to help me get more done.  These are the ones I use the most.  Trello– I wrote about …

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#edublogsclub – A Book

a woman reading a hat

I read a lot.  I used to read even more., but now if I finish a book a month I’m in heaven.  I listen to a lot of books as well and for some reason I only listen to non-fiction.  In 2013 I listened to Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t …

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#edublogsclub – Assessment

Student Reflection with Google Sheets Ok- so I actually started this post in February.  February! What had happened was: My principal came to me last semester with a copy of John Hattie’s Visible Learning into Action and said that it was a book he wanted all of the instructional coaches to have.  I thought it was adorable …

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#edublogsclub – Tell a story

an empty classroom

This is a story about my job that isn’t technology or language.  This is a story about about the opposite of global.  This is a story about my job as the coordinator of our school’s 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program. You’ve probably never heard of 21st CCLC.  It’s a federal grant program that provides …

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