#edublogsclub – Art

#edublogsclub Art

Using Art in the Classroom I love art!  Love it!!  I can spend all day in a museum looking at everything. The back wall of my classroom is filled with art reproductions from students and posters that I’ve “borrowed” from the art teacher.  (Two art teachers ago, so I think they’re mine now.)   If I …

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A Quick Tour of Google Earth

Google Earth’s recent updates are just waiting for you and your students to explore!  Looking for something for them to do at the end of the semester? This short video will get you and your students started. Where can your students go today? You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

#edublogsclub – Pop Culture

#edublogsclub pop culture

Wow.  What a topic- How do you use pop culture in class??… Well, first, because I teach French, I have to have two pop cultures: mine and French; or even Francophone, which to even think about keeping current of “Francophone” pop culture gives me heart palpitations. I find pop culture a bit of a hit or …

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Homework Choices

I was out wandering the Internet a few weeks ago, when I came upon’s Homework Choices and I said, “OMG, I need that.” I was looking for something in my college class to get them to have some other cultural experiences.  I’ve tried different tactics in the past and most were not as successful as I …

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