This Week in AI

I’m going to start a new post where every week I recap everything I did in AI.

This week is actually the last two weeks because we were on vacation one week.

This Week in My AI

Super Secret Project

I spent a LOT of time on a super secret project I can’t tell you about yet.

Google Sheets Formulas

Gone are the days where I racked my brain to set up (complicated) Google Sheets formulas.  Now, I ask my AI Friends for the formula.  When you ask AI for a cell formula, tell the AI what you want to do and give it the cell references and it will return a formula that is ready to go.  I find it also helpful that the AI tells me what each part is doing.  I am not a Google Sheets Ninja, but I do know slightly more than my peers and I appreciate the explanation.

Fowl Art

I have to preface this with the fact that at my house we have a lot of chickens and turkeys (more than 10 less than Foster Farms). At Christmas I used Dall•E to create fowl themed art based on famous works of art for a permanent installation in our guest bathroom. I call it the Masters of the Fowl World. I also used AI to create the little information cards that went next to the art work. Dall•E and I created about 10 pieces for my Masters of the Fowl World.  

However, I had a specific idea of what I wanted to hang over the toilet, but at the time Dall•E and I were unable to make my thoughts into acceptable art. (Not just any AI Generated piece of artwork is worthy of being exhibited in the Masters of the Fowl World.)   This week I tried again and Dall•E and I had to go back and forth.

Chat with Dall•E 3/19/2024

Finally, I went back to another one we had made and here is the final piece of artwork in the Master of the Fowl World Exhibit.  I’m funny.

AI generated image of an egg on a regal pillow in a frame, above a toilet.