Conference-ganza 2017

This week has been crazy for me.  I started off in Apple Valley, then went to Pasadena for the CETPA conference, then from there directly to Nashville for ACTFL.  I’m tired of walking around with a backpack.  I’m also sick of looking at my computer. #CETPA2017 CETPA is the California Education Technologist Professional Association.  This …

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Bingo with Classroom Objects

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? I created an interactive slide deck for Bingo with the classroom objects. NB: In the textbook a bicycle and car are listed in the classroom objects section.  Who am I to judge?  There’s also an mp3 player and a CD player.  I just make fun of those.  …

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Je sais pas – Let’s ask Google!

Hello Is this thing on?

Sometimes I’m a little late to the technology party.  Until yesterday when I had to reset my phone, I’d hardly used the voice tools on my phone.  And then yesterday I fell in love with Google Assistant. Though the whole idea of talking to an object feels odd to me, I am super excited about …

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Higher Level Thinking with Novices

light bulb with a question mark inside

When I was doing my student teaching (in English) our methods teacher said something like, “The complexity of your language is a reflection of your complexity of thought.”  While I can get behind this statement for a native language, this isn’t true for a second language.  I mean, I’m entirely capable of complex thought, but …

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#edublogsclub Advice for New Teachers

In my myriad of roles at work, I get to work with new teachers often. When I saw this topic I thought what a great opportunity!  Here’s my best new teacher ideas. Plan.  As I work with more and more teachers I am absolutely astounded at the number of teachers who don’t have a thoughtful …

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Resources for Accents

I updated what I give my students so they can learn how to do the accents because the amount of time in college class I am willing to devote to this is 0.  (Note: For younger learners, I believe it’s important to devote as much time as you need to teach students how to do …

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Week in Review and a Bonus Flipgrid Self-Reflection!

This past week Kicked. My. Butt.  Nevertheless, it was quite a productive little week. Monday Because I don’t know how to stop giving myself more work, my massive effort to visit every teacher in his/her classroom to find out how I can help them integrate technology thoughtfully kicked off and I visited 20 teachers. #tired. …

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#edublogsclub Professional Development Wishes

Great and Timely PD I’m straight off of two days of professional development for Instructional Coaches with Ann Hoffman.  She’s amazing and got me thinking about a ton of stuff which I’m not going to talk about right now because the ideas are just swirling too fast in my head to make any sense of …

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Quickly Make a Quizlet Diagram

Work smarter not harder Quizlet has a feature that they call “diagram.”  It’s pretty darn cool.  You upload a photo and then place dots on it and student identify the dots.  The implications for language learners to practice identifying vocabulary are clear.  Here I am using it not so much as a “diagram,” but as …

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#edublogsclub Be the Expert

two storks

Mad Skills One of the prompts for this topic is “Tell a story about the most positive experience you’ve had as an expert in your subject matter.” I’m not going to tell any of the stories about my actual professional experiences that were positive, but more when I had an adjacent positive experience. In 2003-2004 I …

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