Discovering YouTube

discovering youtube

Confession 1:  I’ve been watching a lot of the YouTube.   Confession 2:  It’s because I had no idea that you could learn basically everything on there.  Like, I used to only go on YouTube to find videos for French class and it was a major ah-ha moment to realize that there’s all kinds of other …

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Is this a post??? It is!  I’ve set for myself a goal of posting once a week.   #goals 2019 was hard. 2020 was harder. Lots of room for improvement here at the Language Makerspace Blog. On the day that everything started to get shut down in my county in California last March 12, I was …

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2018 Reflections

city road with a car going by with #myfives 2018 Reflections

I saw this #myfives on Twitter and I thought what better than for my first post in five months and my first post of 2019 to be about my top five moments of 2018.  These are not all successes and not in any order. WASC WASC is a lot of work.   Grant Renewal Nothing …

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Getting Back to School

This is just a quick post to prove to myself that I can do a post in 15 minutes.  It’s my goal to be able to post more (or at all!), so I’m hoping if I can just set aside 15 minutes every once in a while, I can make something happen here. I thought …

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Interpretive Reading Choose Your Own

I’ve been slowly re-vamping my units to include more interpretive reading and I’ve been using Google Forms for the reading.  This is a Choose Your Own reading activity that asks students to choose an animal to adopt as part of a bigger Adopt an Animal mini-unit.  Here’s the great cool part: it has different choices …

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Making the Internet Smaller

It’s been, once again, crazy busy, so I’m going to get out a quick post here, because I just haven’t had time to finish any of the longer ones. I did a session at the CLTA Quest for Proficiency in March called “Search Faster and Smarter for #authres.” I highlighted a super underused feature in …

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Faster, No Math Required Feedback

I am on a quest this semester to make feedback as fast and effortless with the least amount of mathing.  I hate trying to math by myself.  Give me four numbers and unless they’re all 2, I’ll have a different answer each time I add them up.  It’s mind blowing how terrible I am.  I’ve …

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Advanced Search

Advanced search can help you refine your search and get what you want faster.  Learn how easy it is. You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

Returning and Crushing

I’ve been absent from the blogging for a bit because I was in a déluge of work:  organizing with our local host committee for the CLTA Quest for Proficiency Conference in Ontario, CA (you were there, right?), preparing my four sessions for the conference, starting the new semester including a class that now has the …

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