Discovering YouTube

discovering youtube

Confession 1:  I’ve been watching a lot of the YouTube.  

Confession 2:  It’s because I had no idea that you could learn basically everything on there.  Like, I used to only go on YouTube to find videos for French class and it was a major ah-ha moment to realize that there’s all kinds of other stuff on there.  I really had no idea that there were so many people talking about so many interesting things.  Now I fall asleep listening to the YouTube.

My top videos I like to watch are:

  • My Baby Panda – If you don’t know, I am only a tiny bit obsessed with the baby panda Xiao Qi Ji at the National Smithsonian Zoo.  This is my number one favorite video to watch and to talk about. I just repeated again today how I would like to be a panda mom because basically, based on the live feed,  you eat and play all day long and this seems ideal.
  • Craft room tours.
  • Anything Lori Holt, because she is a damn genius.  (Did I make my sewing room look like hers?  Did I spend one entire week cutting up my scraps like her?  Did I buy all of her books?  Yes, yes and yes.)
  • Chicken Coop Tours
  • Videos about iPad apps.
  • Productivity videos.

It’s this last category that has me blogging again.  I started watching this guy named Ali Abdaal, who has about two billion different videos about being productive and in one of them he said to break things down into small bits and little by little you end up completing a task.  I mean, I know this.  But it really hit home with the blogging.  Previously I felt like I had to sit down and do it all in one sitting and never had the time.  So, I decided every night before I shut down the computer I would write two or three sentences on a blog post.  And in a two week time I’ve written two blog posts!  This one and one other.  I’m no mathematician, but that is like a two billion percent improvement!

I am #winning.

My goal is to slowly update the content I have here and post some of the ideas and activities I’ve been working on lately! I can do it!

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