Returning and Crushing

I’ve been absent from the blogging for a bit because I was in a déluge of work:  organizing with our local host committee for the CLTA Quest for Proficiency Conference in Ontario, CA (you were there, right?), preparing my four sessions for the conference, starting the new semester including a class that now has the the same number of students as the minimum requirement for using the plural form, writing of the WASC document (those of you in California will know the inflection I used on that word), and caring for, and preparing for an army of turkey babies to hatch.

tired bitmoji I'm pooped

I’ve got a lot of ideas to blog about in the next few months, but I thought I’d return today with my some people I have a professional crush on.

Eric Curts@ericcurts Eric Curts has the most amazing technology and Google resources and ideas.  Every time he posts something I feel like exclaiming, “What?! I didn’t even know I wanted to be able to do that!” They are mostly all applicable to World Languages and all are simple and thoughtful.

Atul Gawande@atulgawande One of the presentations I did at the Quest for Proficiency was on checklists inspired by Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto.  I loved the book, but I decided I had a full crush after I watched his Ted talk on checklists for the 50th time.

Jason Fritze and Alina Filipescu- Teachers in the CI community and southern California know Jason and Alina.  I’ve heard their names for years, since we travel in adjacent World Language groups,  but it wasn’t until I helped with the technology in Alina Filipescu’s presentation at the conference that we actually met.  Then, I got to go back and see part of their presentation and I just loved their energy.  I don’t believe it would possible for someone to have left that session not inspired.

With everything slowing down, I’m looking forward to being able to blog about some of the projects I’ve been working on.

À bientôt!