The Great File Cabinet Purge Day 2

The Internet…

Day two of the Great File Cabinet Purge began prematurely. I had planned on taking it slowly and doing a couple of drawers a week leading up to finals.  But then on I got an email from Google who kindly suggested I click on and explore something.  I thought I was going to find geography and maybe a bit of la France I could use or pass on to teachers.  No. It led me directly to a livecam of a Great Dane Puppy Nursery.  Puppies!

That wasn’t what got me.

The puppies went outside and so I searched around for something else interesting and found the Farm Sanctuary Turkey Barn – a live webcam of a turkey barn on a farm in New York state.  I have my own turkeys and would gladly live on a farm surrounded by ducks, chickens and turkey (no geese), so I was immediately drawn in.  Then it happened…a goat, in a coat, in a wheelchair, busted his way past some hens into the frame.

The goat got me.

Realizing I needed to take immediate action before I lost all hope of productivity, I moved the Turkey Barn to its own screen and I got up and started emptying out drawers.

Image capture from the Turkey Barn webcam 12/12/2017


The purge itself was easier than I had expected.  None of it was sentimental.  Most of it was class sets of copies of textbook activities.  Not hard to get rid of.  It was more difficult to figure out why I even had all the copies.

I haven’t taught level 1 at the high school since 2011, but I have taught it 8 times at the college so everything for that is digitized.  Anything that was level 1 went into the trash.

I told myself that anything that I wanted to keep I could scan or take a picture of and so into the trash went most everything from my drawers.

Easy Peasy.

Day 2 Gems

The Oath of the Horatii -On overhead!!
When I was young I had energy to plan stuff like this….
You gotta do what you gotta do.

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