August 2017

Turning 17 seconds into 15 minutes

Using Video for Input A couple of weeks ago I happened across some absolutely adorable videos on YouTube that I wanted to use with my Novice Lows because the videos all started with a short introduction.  Video can be a powerful tool in the language classroom for communication.  Alternately, it can easily become background noise …

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#edublogsclub Digital Citizenship

computer with hands typinc

I’m way behind on my #edublogsclub posts because, well…summer.  So just like the pile of New Yorkers sitting on my coffee table, I’m going to have to skip a few in order to get caught up.  Further there were some topics that when I saw them I thought, “Huh, I got nuthin.” When this topic …

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Google Classroom Updates

Some big updates this month in Google Classroom including a view that shows all of an individual students’ work.  Whaaat?!  I know.  It’s exciting. Here’s a quick walk through. You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

Three No Prep Activities for the First Day

It’s Back to School time!! Officially school started over a week ago at the high school and I don’t go back to school at the college for another week. Here are three no/low prep activities you can do with any class, but the newbies.  (For my take on starting with the with the newbies see …

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Summer Reflections

Whew- I’m so glad summer is over.  As I’ve said many times the last few weeks, “I can’t wait to school to start, so I can get a day off.”  No, really, this was the busiest summer ever and I had to take an unintended break from blogging and caring in July as I was …

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