May 2017

A Quick Tour of Google Earth

Google Earth’s recent updates are just waiting for you and your students to explore!  Looking for something for them to do at the end of the semester? This short video will get you and your students started. Where can your students go today? You can view all of the Tech Bytes on YouTube.  

#edublogsclub – Assessment

Student Reflection with Google Sheets Ok- so I actually started this post in February.  February! What had happened was: My principal came to me last semester with a copy of John Hattie’s Visible Learning into Action and said that it was a book he wanted all of the instructional coaches to have.  I thought it was adorable …

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#edublogsclub – Tell a story

an empty classroom

This is a story about my job that isn’t technology or language.  This is a story about about the opposite of global.  This is a story about my job as the coordinator of our school’s 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program. You’ve probably never heard of 21st CCLC.  It’s a federal grant program that provides …

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Verb Battleship: Reflexive Verbs

I was looking for a fun activity with reflexive verbs this week and I settled on some verb battleship.  (Because who doesn’t love a great game of battleship!)  We didn’t even have enough time to play, but that’s ok, I’ll keep it on deck for when we do.  (On deck! Get it?! On the deck …

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