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This one was tough, which is why it is weeks late being posted.  I couldn’t come up with one thing that would be interesting to give away besides ideas.

Here’s what I settled on…. a giveaway of an incredibly short activity I am going to do on Monday based on an video I happened upon while reading about the attack in Paris.  In fact, I didn’t even happen upon it, it just started playing in the background and I realized that it fit perfectly with the lesson working with the imparfait and continuing to work on the passé composé.  It’s basically a short listening activity.

I have no plans of an extensive discussion about the attack in Paris yesterday on the Champs-Elysées.  I have nothing to say.  I have no insights.  I know nothing more than what my college students can read themselves.  With the past attacks I acknowledged it and told the students exactly that.

For this, I am going to play the video once, then we will watch one or two more times the first 25 seconds and the students will listen for the phrases and mark if they hear them.  I’m probably going to point out his use of “on” and we may watch parts of TV5 JT for Monday, if after I watch it, it will be comprehensible enough for us to watch without me telling them everything it says.  I expect to spend no more than 20 minutes on this.

Le Parisien website with the video (It’s also in the speaker notes of the first slide)

Link to slides (because I do everything in Slides) -It will ask you to make a copy.



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