#edublogsclub – Student Privacy

#edublogsclu - student privacy

Having just attended an EdTech Summit on Friday in which there was an hour and half presentation by a lawyer about the laws and regulations governing student privacy,  you’d imagine I’d have something interesting to add to this topic…but not so much.

In addition to making sure that I do my best to insure student privacy and follow the law, this year I added an extra layer to my own students’ privacy.  I do a lot of workshops and trainings on Google Classroom and it’s helpful that I have an actual class in there to demonstrate.  This semester I set up an “Extra Credit Class” for my college students and told them that if they were ok with me displaying their work on a projector to show teachers how Classroom works to join that Classroom.   It’s my own way of making sure that I am honoring their rights to their digital work.

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