March 2017

Yelp Template

Write a Review I made a French Yelp template for Google Slides for an assessment last week.  It has a place for students to write two reviews.  I wanted to design a prompt that would have students using the past tense and wouldn’t you know it-that’s what you do in a Yelp Review!  Quelle coïncidence!!  ( …

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#edublogsclub – Giving Feedback

lightbulb on a chalkboard

Fast Feedback My new guideline for myself is that I don’t give an assignment for feedback unless I know I can get to reviewing it by the next day.  Within two days max.  Weekend at the very, very latest. There’s several ways you can give feedback when you’re using Google Classroom.  You can use Goobric (and …

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#edublogsclub – Pop Culture

#edublogsclub pop culture

Wow.  What a topic- How do you use pop culture in class??… Well, first, because I teach French, I have to have two pop cultures: mine and French; or even Francophone, which to even think about keeping current of “Francophone” pop culture gives me heart palpitations. I find pop culture a bit of a hit or …

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#edublogsclub – Student Privacy

#edublogsclu - student privacy

Having just attended an EdTech Summit on Friday in which there was an hour and half presentation by a lawyer about the laws and regulations governing student privacy,  you’d imagine I’d have something interesting to add to this topic…but not so much. In addition to making sure that I do my best to insure student …

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