#edublogsclub – Listicle

#edublogsclub - Listicle

I did a training a few weeks ago and someone asked me what my “favorite” tools were.  I thought it was a great question, so here’s what I can’t live without on a daily basis.

  1. Tab Resize Extension.  It takes two tabs and puts them side by side.  You can also use Tab Scissors.  I just like the option Tab Resize of four windows for the days when my work life needs four tabs.
  2. Google Keep– I keep lists of everything in this.  I keep pictures.  I share them with my friends.  And I set myself reminders so I don’t forget to do things like call the vet to get my itchy dog his medicine renewed.  I cleared my desk of all stickies with Google Keep.
  3. Snagit– I saw this demonstrated last year at ISTE and I couldn’t buy it fast enough.  If you take a lot of screenshots, this is for you.  The features are amazing and what I like best is that once you take the screenshot, you can edit it several times and change it.  You can also make a screencast and turn it into a .gif.  It’s super useful.
  4. Trello– Trello is my to do list.  I create a “list” and add “cards” to it.  I can add documents and link to docs in my Google Drive.  I can make a check off list for any task.  I can forward emails and make them part of my to do list.  This is where I start my day- with my to do list.  When I’ve got a million things to get done, I start with Trello and prioritize and start working down my lists.
  5. Feedly– Feedly helps me keep up with everything in the world.   Every morning I swipe through blogs and articles from around the world.   I have different feeds- from EdTech, News, Languages, etc.

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