#edublogsclub – Challenging Situations

My 5 Step (Mostly) No Fail Method for Dealing with Challenging Situations.

  1. I step away from the email.  I am trying to live by the mantra do not email angry.  This is a continual struggle.
  2. I find someone who knows more than me to give me advice.  I have a list of colleagues and friends I consult about different subjects.  If the challenging situation is about being a manager or managing employees, I call my dad.  He’s got great advice because he was a manager for 27 years.  And I’m pretty sure he’s never emailed angry.  If it’s about an administrative/school issue I go to my colleague KP.  She knows everything because she’s been a teacher and an administrator.  She’s also who I consult if I have a challenging grammar question because she’s the only person I know who is as interested in grammar and words as I am.  If it’s about a French question, I consult the Internet.  On any general topic, I am 100% certain that I am not the first person to have thought or had the problem and more than likely somewhere on the Internet someone has an answer or lesson I can use.
  3. I continue to stay away from the email.  (Très important!)
  4. I confront/deal with the situation following the advice I sought out.
  5. I reflect on what happened.  Why did this situation arise?  Was there anything I could have done to prevent it?  Could I have handled the confrontation or dealt with the person in a different more effective manner? Then I take steps to implement any changes that need to be made.
dad and me
My dad and I judging the student interview competition at SkillsUSA 2/4/2017

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