February 2017

#edublogsclub – Listicle

#edublogsclub - Listicle

I did a training a few weeks ago and someone asked me what my “favorite” tools were.  I thought it was a great question, so here’s what I can’t live without on a daily basis. Tab Resize Extension.  It takes two tabs and puts them side by side.  You can also use Tab Scissors.  I …

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More Video in Google Slides

Google Slides is doing such a good job of wooing me right now. On Monday I posted about being able to add videos straight from your Drive.  I was so excited I didn’t even notice that if you click once it brings up a “video options” sidebar where you can: Start and stop a video at …

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#edublogsclub – Challenging Situations

My 5 Step (Mostly) No Fail Method for Dealing with Challenging Situations. I step away from the email.  I am trying to live by the mantra do not email angry.  This is a continual struggle. I find someone who knows more than me to give me advice.  I have a list of colleagues and friends I …

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Adding Video in Google Slides

Google announced a new feature and I am ecstatic.  You now can add videos directly from your Google Drive!  They don’t have to be on YouTube!!! (If you’re on a school Google account, this feature may not be available just yet depending on how your administrator has set up for rolling out new features.  Just …

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Super Simple Valentine’s Day Activity

If you school is like mine, Valentine’s day is a difficult day to get anything done with the constant interruptions of singing grams and Valentine’s deliveries and no one can see because one kid has a bouquet of balloons that covers half of the class and half the class is all hopped up on chocolates …

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Open Mind Interactive Slides

I’ve been working on a presentation on reading strategies and updated my “Open Mind” Template for Google Slides.  An “Open Mind” activity is pretty simple.  Students insert words or images into the mind of a character or person they’ve been reading about.  (For example for Romeo Montague a student could put a heart and say …

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#edublogsclub – Free Web Tools

#edublogsclub Free Web Tools

I thought this prompt of free tools was intriguing and I encourage you to read Musicuentos.com post, “Supporting the Community.” My absolute favorite free web tool is Google Image Search.  It revolutionized my lessons- being able to pull in images on anything at any given time.  But that’s not a very interesting or unique tool.  (However, …

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