#edublogsclub – Leadership

#edublogsclub - leadership

What a topic.  Leadership.  This is such an important topic and something I’ve thought a lot about as I had to endure a poor leader or flourish with an inspiring leader.

Here’s my two cents.  I think a lot of the qualities of an effective leader are those that also make an effective teacher.  The best school leaders I have worked with were ones that got us to work for them because we liked them and because they cared about us.  I believe that a good leader doesn’t just stand at the front and decree “I am your leader” (like my blog post image), but is someone who rallies people around them by cultivating relationships.  A leader implies followers.   A leader can be backed by an army or relationships, but the leader who has cultivated relationships will outlast the leader who leads by will and force.  An effective leader is sharp, willing to take blame, more than willing to share accomplishments, follows through with what s/he says and most of all cares about the people s/he is leading.  A leader is careful of his/her words because relationships are a key factor in effective leadership. Undermining relationships with gossip or lack of fait is a quick way to diminish one’s capacity to lead.    A leader brings people together and facilitates a group or team achieving a a common goal.

With students, I think teaching leadership is ongoing.  Demonstrating to students that being kind and generous is more effective than demeaning and rude.  Establishing norms for communication; face to face and digitally.  Encouraging students to take chances and take responsibility and praising them when they do.  These are all necessary for growing leadership in students.

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