Week in Review

Week in Review

This week, more than some others had me working on all of my different projects.

Monday– I found out I had been accepted as a Google Certified Trainer.  I am beyond thrilled to be part of this group and so enthusiastic to see what opportunities this will bring.  That said, I’m nearly overwhelmed by everything there is to learn.  It felt a little bit like the starting gun going off in a race and I haven’t figured out what my stride is or had a moment to catch my breath.

Tuesday– Nothing worth reporting- except still trying to figure out if I will be using a textbook for the Spring semester at the college.  Given that this starts in two weeks, a decision is imminent.  At this point I feel like I just need to flip a coin.

Wednesday– Training for my work helping new teachers and helping two of our younger teacher facilitate a staff workshop on student centered learning.  They did great!

Thursday– PBIS Team work day.  This is an amazing group of leaders at our school who care very much about creating a safe and flourishing environment for our students.  And as a bonus, they are all freaking funny, so we get to laugh a lot.

Friday-Kara and Megan from Creative Language Class came to our district and gave a workshop on Performance Based Assessments.  No matter what other projects I am involved with, I think I am always a French teacher first and at heart.   This was by far the most exciting training day I’d had in a while.  What stuck was me most was Kara’s comment “You don’t sit on a park bench and talk about past tense.”  So true!  I’m going to use this as a litmus test on for activities.  I don’t think I have a ton of activities with my students where I ask them to sit on a park bench and talk about past tense, but it is always worth re-evaluating.


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