January 2017

#edublogsclub – Leadership

#edublogsclub - leadership

What a topic.  Leadership.  This is such an important topic and something I’ve thought a lot about as I had to endure a poor leader or flourish with an inspiring leader. Here’s my two cents.  I think a lot of the qualities of an effective leader are those that also make an effective teacher.  The best school …

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Week in Review

Week in Review

This week, more than some others had me working on all of my different projects. Monday– I found out I had been accepted as a Google Certified Trainer.  I am beyond thrilled to be part of this group and so enthusiastic to see what opportunities this will bring.  That said, I’m nearly overwhelmed by everything there …

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Start Planning Your Sub Plans Now

Sub Plan Like a Ninja

Inspired by a friend who had to be absent the week before finals because her husband had to have emergency surgery, I put together my best sub plans advice. I am a sub plan master Ninja.  The last semester I taught, in an 18 week period, there were only two weeks I was there all …

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#Edublogsclub – My office and classroom

#edublogsclub 2

I’m very lucky because even though I no longer have classes at the high school, I was still allowed to keep my classroom as my workspace.  This was partly because as the after school coordinator my room is used after school for a variety of activities and during the day as a meeting space for …

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#Edublogsclub – My Blog Story


I saw this #edublogsclub a couple of weeks ago and decided to check it out.  I signed up yesterday so that I could challenge myself to write weekly about something even if I thought I had nothing to say. So here’s the first one! I’m definitely new to educational blogging.  I blogged for a while for …

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Stop Motion Video via Google Slides

I’m an expert at stop motion video.  By that I mean my classroom is next to the Computer Media and Pathway Academy (CAMP) film rooms and every year I get to participate by proximity as 60+ students film stop motion videos for a couple of weeks.  With that depth of knowledge and expertise, I set …

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