September 2016

Bingo! – Interactive Slide deck

Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo? This is a Google Slide deck for Bingo.  Share in Google Classroom as “Make a copy” and you can play infinite games infinitely.  Students drag the numbers into the grid and then when the teacher calls the number they can drag the dot onto the number. Bingo …

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Find a Partner

Two weeks ago at my Instructional Coach training, the trainer had us do an amazingly simple partner activity.  We divided a sticky into four quadrants and in each one wrote a word: Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring then we had to stand up and find a partner for each square.  We wrote the name of that …

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Voice Typing to Practice Numbers

I am always up for some good number practice.  In my perfect lesson plan there would be some attention to numbers every day- I just feel like students always need more practice.  Of course, there’s a ton of ways for students to practice listening to numbers, but not so many for them to practice speaking …

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Back to School-First Day

Last week was the first day of my college class.  I used my basic: hour of boring syllabus + hour and half of French sequence, but this semester I made some big changes.  First, for the syllabus I ditched reading the syllabus (yes, I was guilty of doing that type of beginning of class), for …

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